Top three benefits of modern pedagogy

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Understanding pedagogy determines how modern education delivery can help teachers.

Teachers enter education to make a difference in the lives of their students, encourage curiosity, and spark inspiration that creates lifelong learners with a thirst for knowledge. The rapidly evolving nature of technology offers challenges to experienced teachers who find themselves having to adopt new technologies. Yet there is also a trans-generational opportunity to transform the role of teachers from guardians of knowledge to guides of thinking with the time to focus on relationships rather than resources and administrative tasks. Here are three ways modern delivery can help teachers:


1. Truly learner-centric curriculum

Quality online platforms offer the opportunity to create a different programme for each student in the classroom that is goal aligned and follows their interest and passions while simultaneously saving teachers time with adaptive content and self-marking assessments. This supports a project-based learning approach and allows multiple curriculum strands to be effectively integrated by generalist teachers.

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Micro learning leads to macro learning

A hybrid learning environment opens a world of opportunity to students. Microlearning cycles can be planned to flow into a macro learning experience that allows learners to focus on a specific topic through bite-size increments. This style of scaffolding allows for implicit learning and provides fantastic opportunities for teachers to engage students in rich learning conversations.



Bring teachers together

Specialist teachers often find themselves working in isolation within their schools without colleagues to bounce ideas off of, moderate work with, or brainstorm new approaches. Adopting a hybrid approach can see clusters of teachers sharing resources, and lessons, and offering students the ability to experience different teaching methodologies and ideas.

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